About Maan Engineering

Maan Engineering develops and produces top-grade release and adhesive coating equipment for the worldwide label printing industry. Equipment that makes an unmistakable difference, resulting in high-quality end products, and contributing to the distinctiveness and productivity of label producers.

Innovative and smart
Maan's smart solutions offer label producers a huge range of options for using their own coating techniques. They enable the production of proprietary laminate materials and special labels, such as linerless labels, clear-2-clear labels, multilayer labels and tyre labels. The latest addition to the range is the hybrid technology with which linerless and laminate can be produced using a single machine. And it takes just fifteen minutes to switch applications!

Top-grade and reliable
Maan Engineering has been an accredited Coating & Converting Equipment specialist for some twenty years and understands acutely the demands the market places on the end product. This results in machines and label materials that perfectly reflect the requirements of the label manufacturer, namely top-quality equipment that ensures a constant and stable production process. And this in turn leads to high levels of productivity and top-grade output: the best label material.

User-friendly and focused on the future
Maan Engineering's Hotmelt Coating Station and Silicone Coating Station are suitable as stand-alone applications, but also serve as the basis for Linerless Coating Lines, Lamination Coating Lines and Hotmelt Coating Lines. Working together with long-term international partners, our coating equipment can be installed in extensive print and converting lines. Data and live monitoring are a must in the market these days, and are thus a key element of our equipment. This makes it possible to monitor ROI constantly. The user-friendly controls mean operators can easily optimise the production process for the very best result.
At Maan Engineering everything is geared to the customer, the process and an optimal end product. It's no accident that our motto is: Your label, our starting point.