With the production of linerless labels:

> you save on adhesive, materials and logistics costs;
> you intensify production because you can get more labels on a roll;
> you reduce waste;
> you increase flexibility thanks to variable label heights;
> you increase ease of use; 
> you benefit from greater productivity thanks to fewer roll changes;
> you have complete control over the quality of the production process.

What is linerless?

Linerless labels is a variant of self-adhesive labels. They are also known as pressure sensitive labels. The labels have a silicone coating layer and an adhesive layer. The silicone coating provides the release layer on the top of the label that prevents the glue from adhering to the paper. As well as eliminating the liner, the advantage of this technology is that linerless label rolls contain up to 40% more labels.

More sustainable and more control

Linerless is increasingly being used by industry in the logistics and packaging sector. Is sustainability high on your agenda as a manufacturer or brand owner? The production of linerless labels saves on materials, freight and other costs, which ultimately promotes sustainability of the whole production process. 

Maan Engineering has designed the Linerless Coating Line. This module gives label manufacturers or printers greater flexibility in the production of labels and the potential to produce a differentiating label. The printer determines the silicone coating and gluing of the paper himself. The Linerless Coating Line does the rest. 

Need convincing?

Would you like to take a look at the innovative Linerless Coating Line? Contact us and come and visit us in Raalte. By running a test production cycle, our aim is to convince you about linerless labels.