Roller Coater - Top

The Maan Roller Coater - Top is a high-quality machine for the application of (PUR) hotmelts. With this Roller Coater a hot melt coating can be applied with extreme precision to flat materials such as wood, plastic, foam or plastic. The production speed of the Roller Coater is between 3 and 30 meters per minute. The Maan Roller Coater distinguishes itself by the fact that the oil coating rollers are heated. This makes the glue connection under the perfect conditions; the correct temperature of the glue is guaranteed and the process takes place in a controlled manner. For the same reason, the Roller Coaters are equipped with steel rollers as standard, which also ensure optimum control of the glue temperature. The seals - placed on the roller at the Maan Roller Coater - are continuously adjustable. This way you can set the coating width manually.