Hotmelt Coating Station

Applying hot melt coating to flexible material for (linerless) labels, tapes, heat seal or other products? The Maan Hot Melt Coating Station was developed for the precise application of hot melt coatings on paper, films and textiles. By integrating the Hot Melt Coating Station in your printing, laminating or converting machine, you are guaranteed of:
  • very low and consistent coating weights, up to 10 gr/m2
  • consistent quality thanks to extremely accurate temperature control 
  • flexible settings and freedom of choice; including three adhesive applicator heads.

By integrating the hot melt coating station in an existing production line, you can make labels or tapes self-adhesive, for example. In combination with an unwind, wind-up and laminating component, the station can also be used stand-alone. The Hot Melt Coating Station is suitable for various types of hot melt, including PSA, EVA and UV hot melt.

All parameters under control 

The correct temperature is one of the key parameters when applying a hot melt coating. Maan Engineering has it all under control. Not only does the Hot Melt Coating Station have a highly accurate temperature control for the coating, the rollers are also cooled. 
The external control panel allows you to manage the coating weight easily. With respect to coating thickness, the Coating Station has few to no tolerances.

Flexibility thanks to variation in adhesive applicator head 

The Hot Melt Coating Station is able to apply full surface, partial surface, in zone and intermittent coating profiles. The Coating Head of the Hot Melt Coating Station can be adjusted in five directions. And you can choose your Coating Nozzle according to the coating pattern, the type of hot melt and the precision. 

You can choose from several variants:
  • Slot Nozzle 
    The Slot Nozzle applies coating weights of 20 to 300 g/m2 and has a temperature range of 30 to 200 ºC. Depending on the pattern that you want to apply, you can choose the Slot Nozzle basic or the Slot Nozzle with dosing pump (for weight distribution across the whole width). If you want to apply a pattern along the length of the belt, we recommend the Intermittent Slot Nozzle. 

  • DieRect Roller Nozzle
    This Maan Engineering innovation is able to apply a highly homogenous adhesive layer. Thanks to the integrated roller, any impurities are prevented and the adhesive is evenly distributed over the full width of the belt. This means that no contamination occurs in the adhesive applicator head and troublesome die-lines are avoided. The DieRect Roller Nozzle applies coating weights of 10 to 50 g/m2. 
  • Pattern Coater
    For the application of varied patterns, the special applications, Maan Engineering has developed the Pattern Coater. The sleeve that determines the patters is easy to exchange.

Adhesive addition options

A high quality coating process begins with the controlled addition of adhesive. The Maan engineers will work with you to determine which equipment best suits the application you have in mind. The Inlinerless Module is equipped as standard with a Maan Drum Melter 200. This is a Melt-On-Demand system. A Maan Tank Melter 65 is positioned between the Drum Melter 200 and the applicator.

Measuring of the coating thickness 

The homogeneity and the thickness of the hot melt coating layer are essential to the production of high-quality linerless labels. For this reason, the Inlinerless Module is optionally equipped with a layer thickness measurement system. This system measures the weight of the hot melt coating layer on the spot and provides a non-stop weight distribution model. 

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