Maan engineering
Infeed Station 1

After the infeed unit with automatic loading arms, the substrate web is gripped by the infeed station that directs the web and measures and controls the web tension in the other process steps.

Silicone Coating Station

The Maan Silicone Coating Station has been developed for extremely precise application of silicone coatings on paper and foils. The coating layers are cured extremely quickly by means of an innovative inert gas chamber in combination with a UV lamp.

Hotmelt Coating Station

The Hotmelt Coating Station applies high-quality hotmelt coatings to paper and foils at high speed. Due to the easy change of coating thickness and coating patterns, the Hotmelt Coating Station has a broad range of applications. The controlled glueing process around the station results in the highest coating quality and the best end product.

Rewind Station

Rewind Station with automatic loading arms.

Linerless Coating Line

Coating line for the application of silicone and hotmelt for the production of linerless labels.
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