Silicone Coating Station

Do you want to apply an anti-stick or protective layer to paper, film or textiles for the production of tape or (linerless) labels? Maan’s Silicone Coating Station is a high quality addition to your production line. This Silicone Coating Station is the most controlled and high quality way of applying a silicone coating with extreme precision. The coating station is able to apply a silicone coating to both a full surface or zone coating profile. 

The highlights:
- Very low and consistent coating weights, up to 0.5 gr/m2
- Extremely fast-drying due to UV curing with inert chamber
- Optimum ease of use and complete control of parameters via the Control Panel

UV curing determines quality

The quality of the silicone coating stands or falls by optimum curing. The Silicone Coating Station is equipped as standard with an inert chamber where the silicone coating cures extremely quickly by means of UV light. We control the oxygen level in the chamber by using minimum nitrogen. With the Silicone Coating Station, your production line can effortlessly achieve speeds of up to 150 metres per minute. To prevent post-curing, we recommend that you always use radical curing coatings. 

In control with low coating weights

The robust construction of the coating station offers you complete control over that coating weight that is applied. By default, this is done with a 3-roller system. This technology is suitable for a range of coating weights from 0.8 gr/m2 to 5 gr/m2. Do you want to apply a lower coating weight, for example if you are applying a layer of silicone coating to a film? Five rollers allow you to determine the coating weight even more accurately. This system gives you complete control over the coating weight up to 0.5 g/m2. Including at speeds up to 150 m/min. 

Ease of use and control

All the actions required to produce premium quality labels or tape are controlled fully automatically. From the Control Panel, you can easily influence and control all the parameters. This allows you to set the rollers individually so that you can further optimise the coating quality. The complete Silicone Coating Station is characterised by flexibility. This means that it is easy to exchange the roller you are using to apply the pattern.

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