EMT cooperation important for US strategy Maan Engineering 21 Sep 2016

EMT cooperation important for US strategy Maan Engineering

On the eve of Labelexpo Chicago 2016, Maan Engineering and EMT International launched a strategic partnership in the US. EMT International (CEO: Paul Raucher) and Maan Engineering (Managing Director: Bart Oude Wesselink) have agreed to collaborate in a Strategic partnership for joining forces in North Americas. This partnership is the next step in Maan’s US strategy, which was launched eighteen months ago by signing the exclusive North Americas agent Yves Lafontaine.

Linerless labels and laminates in the US

Signing Yves Lafontaine was for Maan Engineering the perfect step to the US label market. Over the last eighteen months, Yves Lafontaine launched the brand Maan Engineering and the related techniques to the US label market. This strategy has resulted in requests for Maan’s Hotmelt and Silicone equipment, especially for the linerless and laminated market.
To realize the high quality standard and excellent service in the US, the strategic cooperation with EMT is important for Maan Engineering.

EMT International

EMT International designs and manufactures finishing equipment that is made to last. Their first servo-driven perf section, installed in a transactional monochrome line, is still running today, 18 years later, at speeds over 300 fpm. Today, EMT International have perf and punch sections installed around the world in-line with the leading OEM print engines.

Maan Engineering

Maan Engineering is specialized in the development, manufacturing and implementation of sillicone and adhesive application systems. Maan Engineering’s main strength is the realization of precision, thin and manageable adhesive thicknesses and full-zone and pattern format.