Latest linerless market figures exclusive presented at Linerless Seminar 11 Nov 2016

Latest linerless market figures exclusive presented at Linerless Seminar

On November 30th and December 1st the first edition of the linerless Seminar will take place in Raalte. Jos de Vries (AWA) has been appointed as the chairman of the seminar. At the beginning of the reading program Jos de Vries will have a scoop by itself. He will present the newest preliminary figures from AWA about the linerless market. The total lecture program is announced on the linerless Seminar website, Evonik, Henkel, KANZAN, Arca Systems, Maan Engineering, Contact BV and AB Graphics will cover all aspects according to the linerless label in the lecture program.

Widely supported
The linerless Seminar is widely supported within the label industry. The companies AWA, MPS, Evonik Industries, KANZAN, Henkel, Maan Engineering and AB Graphics still become sponsor of the seminar. Beside that, 30 major European label printers registered as visitors for the seminar. The seminar is completed by the participants of the mini exhibition. This mini-expo will be formed by Digi Systems, Contact BV, Eukalin, IST, Vetaphone and VM Vision.

Lecture Program
Besides the exhibition, networking possibilities and demonstration, the content will come from the strong lecture program. This lecture program is accompanied by chairman Jos de Vries. Jos de Vries (AWA) has a scoop with the presentation of the latest linerless market figures. After that, he will give material suppliers Henkel (adhesive), Evonik (Silicones) and Kanzan (Paper) the possibility to explain the theoretical side behind the quality and performance of the linerless label. This theoretical content on day one, will be continued during day two of the seminar by presentations from equipment suppliers Maan Engineering, AB Graphics, Contact BV and Arca Systems about the practical side of the linerless label.