Maan Engineering opens Test Centre for roll-2-roll coating techniques 02 Sep 2016

Maan Engineering opens Test Centre for roll-2-roll coating techniques

Since the beginning of January, Maan Engineering opened its test centre specially developed for roll-2-roll coating techniques. Visitors can meet innovative coating equipment to apply silicone and hotmelt. In addition, the quality of the various coating layers can be determined through the use of among others Dye Stain tests, Microscope tests, Release and subsequent adhesion tests and XRF tests.

Maan Engineering is a new player in the label industry, but has many years of experience in the field of coating techniques. The Test Centre is meant to introduce interested parties with the equipment and expertise of Maan Engineering. Besides client specific demonstrations there are plans to organize two Linerless Seminars in 2016. As well as some live demonstration days in America in 2016. The first label printing companies already used the Test Centre. More information our demonstration request; Roelof Klein Commercial Manager Maan Engineering;

Maan Applications
The base of Maan Engineering roll-2-roll coating techniques comprises the DieRect Roller Coating Head and the Silicone Coating Station. The Direct Roller Coating Head distinguishes by its quality, homogeneity and extreme low coating weight till 10 gr/m2 hotmelt. The Silicone Coating Station, comes standard with UV-curing in an inert chamber, this is the most controlled and qualitative way to apply silicone coatings to 0.5gr/m2, with a speed to 150m/min.